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Certified Quality

One of our core values is Quality. That is exactly why we require installers and all our technicians to become NATE and BPI certified. What do those certifications mean to you as a homeowner? We’re glad you asked! 

A NATE Certification is the highest certification in the HVAC industry. It is a nationally recognized exam that goes over all the segments in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. As a homeowner, you benefit from hiring a NATE Certified Technician because:

  1. You get lower utility bills through proper installation and maintenance
  2. Fewer callbacks and warranty returns
  3. Fast, efficient service
  4. Job done right the first time.
  5. Equipment that runs at peak efficiency
  6. Advice & knowledge of skilled, certified technician
  7. Greater peace of mind

A BPI Certification focuses on applying a "whole house" approach. No home is made the same, that is why it is so important for our technicians to confidently be able to come in and know exactly what to look for. The BPI Certification allows our technicians to understand what size unit your home needs and how to provide the maximum amount of utility bill savings. Be able to identify health and safety issues and to test your appliances according to BPI standards. Having a BPI Certified technician in your home means that they will be able to determine whether you have a Healthy Home. You will benefit from this because we’ll be analyzing if:

  1. Your home is free of health and safety issues
  2. Your home is well ventilated
  3. Your home is dry
  4. Your home is insulated
  5. Your home is safe

So our question to you is, why would you trust anyone NOT certified in your home?