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Generators in Philadelphia, PA

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Whole-house generators and other backup generators offer protection for a home against power outages that no portable generator can match. Synergy3 recommends our customers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey arrange for generator services to see their households always have vital electrical power.

  • We abide by our core values of Quality, Communication, Respect
  • Full transparency—our pricing, processes, everything
  • Free and fair estimates with “good, better, best options” to fit your needs

We work with different generator models: solar generators, inverter generators, automatic standby generators, and more. Along with installing these models, we offer generator maintenance, repair, and replacement. We’re honest in all our customer communications and won’t attempt to upsell you on products you don’t need.

Reach out to us today in Philadelphia, PA—we are here to make your day better!


Generator Installation

Installing a new whole-house generator is a complicated process that requires professional planning, preparation, and execution. Our technicians will determine the appropriate size of generator to meet your home’s specific needs. We need to ensure the generator, transfer switch, and wiring are installed in compliance with local codes and regulations—one of the reasons to always rely on professionals.

Generator Repair

With proper installation and maintenance, a whole house generator can provide peace of mind and uninterrupted power during an outage. But even the best generator with generator maintenance may malfunction. The Philadelphia, PA technicians at Synergy3 will rush to your assistance to see that you have the backup power you need.

Generator Replacement

A whole-house generator can last for more than 20 years (if it has routine maintenance). When you’ve got an over-the-hill generator, call us for a replacement. We want you to have a generator that’s always ready to go to work to protect you and your family in case of a power outage.