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Water Softeners in Philadelphia, PA

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Hard water is a common problem for homes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Combating this requires using a whole-house water softener, but you can’t install or care for this type of system on your own. Contact Synergy3 for the best in water softener system services, from water softener maintenance to new installations.

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We’ve served the local community since 2006 and earned a reputation as the first choice for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. We abide by core values of quality, communication, and respect, and we treat every customer as if they’re our only customer.

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Water Softener Installation

Hard water creates numerous problems in a household. The minerals that cause hard water aren’t harmful to drink, but they can cause severe damage to plumbing pipes and appliances over time. They also damage surfaces and make it harder to keep clean. Installing a whole-house water softener removes the hard water minerals and replaces them with sodium, creating "soft water" that’s much better for your home and its plumbing.

Water Softener Repair

A water softener will need regular maintenance to ensure it can continue to do its job and doesn’t accidentally put too much sodium into the water. If you have a faulty water softener, our Philadelphia, PA technicians will see it’s fixed.

Water Softener Replacement

Time to get a new water softener to protect your home? No problem! Synergy3 has all you need to get the best advancements in water treatment. We take pride in keeping up with cutting-edge technology to better serve our customers.