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Water Testing in Philadelphia, PA

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Do you know what’s in the water pumped into your house? You might be unpleasantly surprised—but knowledge is power. To arrange for the water testing that will pinpoint where to improve your home’s water quality, contact Synergy3 in Philadelphia, PA. We’ll make you feel like our only customer!

  • We abide by our core values of Quality, Communication, Respect
  • Honesty—we don’t upsell customers on products they don’t need
  • Free and fair estimates with “good, better, best options” to fit your needs

We are transparent in everything we do: pricing, process, everything. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way as we test your water and make recommendations for the water quality systems that will help you enjoy pure, healthy water in your home.

Reach out to us today—we are here to make your day better!


Why We Recommend Water Quality Testing

Even though the water that reaches your home goes through water purification and filtration plants, contaminants can still enter through the pipes on the way to your house. We recommend any home have water testing to identify potential problem areas that water treatment systems can eradicate.

The Water Testing Process

Our team will come to your home and collect water samples from different locations. These samples will go to a laboratory to test for hardness, acidity, heavy metals, chemicals, and more. We’ll go over the lab report with you and offer honest recommendations for how to improve your water quality.

Well-Water Testing

If your home isn’t connected to the municipal water system but instead draws water from a well, regular water testing is mandatory to protect your household’s health. Well water doesn’t go through a treatment plant, so removing potential groundwater contaminants with water treatment systems is necessary. Synergy3 is experienced with well-water testing in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas.