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White Glove Maintenance Club

Maintenance is one of the most essential parts of taking care of your comfort. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware of just how important. For example, did you know that you risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on your heating and air conditioning system if you don’t schedule annual service? That’s only the start of why maintenance is so vital.


Discounts on Parts & Labor | No Overtime/Service Fees | Priority Service

  • 17 point inspection
  • 2 Maintenance visits per year
  • Service reminders
  • No overtime charge
  • Free water heater maintenance ($50 value)
  • Quality Assurance Inspection & Cleaning (meets Energy Star recommendations)


Times Per Year

Heating System Only (Gas or Electric)


A/C System Only


Gas Furnace and A/C


Gas Boiler and A/C


High Efficient Gas Boiler and A/C


Heat Pump


Mini Split Heat Pump (Includes 2 units and 2 heads)


Additional Mini Split Head



Times Per Year

Humidifer/Steam Humidifer


Electronic Air Filters


Media Filer


UV System per Bulb


Hydronic/Air Zoning 1-3 Zones


Steam Canister (As needed/every 2 years)


Air Scrubber Bulb (As needed/every 2 years)


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Service Plan Coverage - A/C, Gas Furnace, Heat Pump, Gas Boiler, and Fan Coil

17 Point Checklist

  1. Operational Pressure
  2. Flue Pipe & Proper Draft
  3. SuperHeat / Subcooling
  4. Temperature at Return & Air Supply
  5. Safety Controls
  6. Voltage & Amperage to all Motors
  7. Operation of Compressor Contractor
  8. Capacitor & Relays
  9. Electric Heat Pkg (HP only)
  1. All Wiring & Connections (unit only)
  2. Condening Coil
  3. Evaporator Coil (If accessible)
  4. Condensate Drain & Traps
  5. Condensate Drain & Traps
  6. Inspect Thermostat
  7. Perform Proper CO tests
  8. Replace 1 Standard Filter

Service Plan Terms

Depending on the service plan chosen, Synergy3 will provide one or two visits. On our visit, we will perform the operational check up listed under the specific coverage and address any other maintenance issues. No maintenance will be done without the client’s consent.

Comfort Accessories Coverage

Coverage for tune-ups

Humidifier – Replace water panel, clean screen, and clean drain on humidifier annually
Electronic Air Cleaner – Take out and clean electronic cells as recommended by manufacturer
Media Air Cleaner – Replace air filters once per year

Terms & Conditions

If you sign up for monthly payments, your card will automatically be charged on the starting date of your contract.

Limitation of Liability

Synergy3 excludes liability for special, indirect, or consequential damages. Liability and the purchaser’s sole remedy for performance or non-performance under these plans is limited to the cost of replacement parts and associated labor as would be required under each plan


Synergy3 shall not be liable or responsible for any claims or charges associated with any loss of, failure of, the covered equipment that directly or indirectly arises out of the following:

Power surging, brownouts, blackouts, spikes, or electrical circuit overloads, consequential damages resulting from the loss of power, light, heat, steam, or refrigeration. Fire smoke, explosion, lightning, hail, wind, exposure to weather, and other acts of nature. Earth movement including landslide, mudslide, subsidence, earthquake or volcanic eruption. Rust, corrosion and/or sediment damage, flood, freeze water or other abnormal conditions. Improper installations of the covered equipment or lack of preventative maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Manufacturer’s recall due to error in formulae and or design. Use of covered equipment in a business or commercial application. Misuse of the covered equipment for any purpose other than intended by the manufacturer. Failure to perform normal, routine, or seasonal maintenance adjustments and services as may be outlined in the installation and servicing instructions or owners manual. Vandalism, rodent, animal and insect damage is not covered. Additional equipment is not covered under service plans are as follows: all exterior components of the equipment, including filters and air cleaners, lubricant’s, ductwork, airflow, drain lines, humidifier, dehumidifier, and cabinetry and/or other aesthetics: supplementary power sources, such as batteries, etc. solar heaters, heat pump water heaters, water heaters connected to wood burning stoves, geothermal and/or water source units, commercial rooftop and package terminal units, fuel supplies, interconnecting tubing, fittings, sensors, any lighting fixtures or bulbs, power cords, and/or other additional items accompanying the equipment.

Additional Exclusions on Parts and Services Not Covered

Synergy3 service plans only cover equipment that is in good working conditions at the time the plan takes effect. Synergy3 service plan contracts do not cover damage caused by purchaser abuse. Synergy3 reserves the right to reject the coverage. Synergy3 will not cover part if it or an acceptable alternative part is no longer available through normal product procedure placement practice. Synergy3 will not handle or remove suspected asbestos material or lead. Synergy3 service plans only cover the service of one service technician per service call. Drainage and/or refilling the hydronic systems are not covered, unless it is done in conjunction with a plan covered part replacement. Synergy3 service plans do not cover start-up services, routine or seasonal turn on/off inspections and operational checks, or cleaning and relighting of the pilot. Operational and safety checks are included under the central air conditioning/ heat pumps tune up coverage plans specified under these options. Synergy3 will not cover Lennox, Pulse, or hydro pulse heating units.

Cancellation/Non Renewal By Synergy3

Synergy3 shall have the right to cancel or not renew any service plan under the service plan(s) by giving no less than thirty (30) days prior written notice to you, the purchaser, at the address designated in the Purchaser’s confirmation email. At the time of the notification, Synergy3 shall not return to the purchaser, the amount, if any, by which the remaining proportionate share of fees paid by the Purchaser to Synergy3 exceeds the following: Amount of claims paid by Synergy3 covered repairs and/or replacement. No service will be rendered under the Synergy3 service plan(s) if the customer has a past due account.

Service Call Terms

Replacement of any parts may be made with the parts of like kind and quality. Once the repair has been completed, the service technician will ask you to sign a completed form. Your signature states that the work listed was completed. Synergy3 reserves the right to perform post installation inspections of the repaired equipment. Synergy3 reserves the right to make all calls during regular working hours. Manufacture’s Warranty For Insurance Synergy3 manufacture’s warranty plan overs manufacture’s parts and labor for the warranty product only. If a repair or replacement is needed outside of the warranty, then the charges will apply accordingly. Synergy3 shall not be responsible for any repairs which may still be covered under the original equipment manufacture’s warranty or would be covered under the homeowners file or other insurance.

Payment/ Charges for Non-Covered Work

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to pay the service technician for any and all charges which are not covered under these contracts. This includes, without limitation, payment for service calls when no repairs were made, cleaning and relighting the pilot lights, resetting of tripped safety devices, fuses and/or circuit breakers (internal and external) and diagnostic replacements. In the event of a service technician determines that the repairs required is a non-covered part, the Purchaser may choose to have the repair done at the price quoted by the service technician but any such repair not covered by Synergy3 service plan fee. If the equipment is inaccessible or unsafe for the service by one service technician there is a charge for any additional service technician needed. Customer education visits are not covered.

Customer Cancellation

This plan applies only to you, the Purchaser, and the equipment you have covered under the plan. You may cancel the plan at any time after 45 days, for any cause, with prior written notice to Synergy3. Synergy3 shall return to the Purchaser, the amount, if any, after the 45 day obligation expires and the remaining proportion share of fees paid by the Purchaser to Synergy3 exceeds the amount following: The amount of claims paid by Synergy3 for covered repairs, annual maintenance,, service, and/or replacements and a $25 administration fee.